The phrase "Amalan Kami” (Our Practices)
It manifests our commitment to adopt the 5S concept
Framed Circle
It signifies Unity and Solidarity among MDM employees
Gear Wheel-shaped Circle
It indicates that all of the 5S processes of sorting, setting in order, shining, standardising and sustaining are systematically implemented and guided by the 5S principles
It symbolises that MDM always prioritises Landscape Beauty in tandem with the Rapid Development.
Blue Colour
It symbolises prosperity, professionalism and customer-friendly attitude
Navy Blue Colour
It symbolises maturity in making any decision or taking any action.
It symbolises that every work direction is always on the set track.
Brown colour
It symbolises the economic and infrastructure development activities


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Sorting (Seiri)
Systematically isolate the things that are not needed.
Stabilising/Straightening Out (Seiton)
Systematically arranged office furniture .
Sweeping (Seiso)
Cleaning by monitoring the work environment.
Standardising (Seiketsu)
Standardisation at all departmental levels .
Sustaining (Shitsuke)
Self discipline in the continuous practice of this system as a habit in creating a culture of excellence.
5S Consultant - National Productivity Corporation (NPC)
5S External Audit -National Productivity Corporation (NPC)