• To provide efficient administrative services.

    • To improve the quality of services and public facilities for the local community.

    • To enhance development planning across all sectors to the more structured and robust level.

    • To provide adequate basic amenities to the residents in the area of administration.

    • To provide social and recreational facilities and to beautify the areas.

    • To improve the quality of life in the council area.

    • To increase Bumiputera participation in trade and commerce in accordance with the New Economic Policy.

MDM Terengganu Code of Ethics

We, the staff of MDM Terengganu, are committed to adopt the Code of Ethics to perform the duties and responsibilities based on the following core principles: -

    • Adopting good values as a work culture.

    • Adopting superior professional values in our services.

    • Holding firmly the principles of accountability and the rule of law in the entrusted tasks.

    • Adopting and implementing the corporate culture of the Terengganu State public service.

In order to uphold a clean, efficient, and trustworthy administration towards Excellent services.