Marang District Council was established on January 1, 1981 when all Local Municipality Administration were restructured. In the early stage of its establishment, Marang District Council only consists of two (2) counties namely Rusila and Pulau Kerengga. The land area is 43.10 square kilometer consisting of 13 villages. However, on 15 February 1996, Marang District Council was expanded to the whole district of Marang covering a land area of 666.54 square kilometer consisting of six counties, namely;

  • Rusila

  • Pulau Kerengga

  • Merchang

  • Jerong

  • Bukit Payung

  • Alor Limbat

Consequently, the whole Marang district is now under the administration of Marang District Council.

Marang District Council is headed by two State Administration Officer under administration and support service (Management and Professional) which carries the position of Yang Dipertua and Council Secretary. Further, all policies in the management of the Council is determined by a Body consists of 25 Council Members including the Yang Dipertua, appointed in accordance to Section 16, Act 171 Local Government 1976.