Car Park Unit is responsible to handle and manage parking in Marang District Council area.


  1. Provide comfort and ease to the public in parking;
  2. Control parking to ensure it is organised and does not affect traffic.

Collection System Used

Marang District Council starts using the Coupon Parking System beginning 1 June 2016.

Parking Hourly Coupons

  • Sold and displayed according to time at a rate of RM0.60 per hour or part thereof.

Daily Coupons

  • Sold and displayed on daily basis on vehicles at a rate of RM4.00 per day.

Monthly Coupons

  • Sold and displayed on monthly basis on vehicles at a rate of RM83.00 per month.

Season Parking Place

  • Every application for a season parking place shall be made to the President.
  • The rate imposed is RM163.00 per bay/month and shall be subject to such conditions as may be imposed by the Marang District Council.

Rental Of Car Parking Bays

  • Any person requires the use of any parking space to be suspended for any private purpose, an application for such suspension may be made to the President stating the locality, number of parking space and period of suspension required. The rate imposed is RM10.00 per bay/day for the duration of the suspension.

How To Get Coupon

Parking coupon can be obtained from Car Park Unit Office or authorised agents appointed by Marang District Council in all Marang District Council areas. Each agent will be provided with a signage for identification.

All Enquiries Can Be Directed To:-

Car Park Unit

Marang District Council

21600 Marang, Terengganu

Tel: 09-6182366/09-6182368