1. How long does it take public complaint to be attended to?

      • Action on public complaint will be taken within {7 working days}
  2. When payment will be made to supplier/contractor?
      • Payment will be made to supplier/contractor within a day (if all documents are in order)
  3. How long does new premise tenancy application being processed?
      • New premise tenancy application is processed within 1 month
  4. What is the approval period of building plan application?
      • Single unit house – 21 working days
      • More than 1 unit of houses – 2 months
  5. How long does it take to approve business and billboard licence application?
      • Business/composite premise licence {40 working days}
      • Billboard licence (3 working days)
      • Hawker licence {5 working days}
      • Banner/bunting permit {30 minutes}
      • Entertainment/sales carnival permit {5 working days}
  6. How long does it take to settle compound?
      • Compound can be settled within 20 minutes
  7. What is general assessment tax ?
      • General Assessment Tax is a tax imposed on ratable property such as:

          • Residential houses
          • Business and industrial assets (shops, industries, hotels, etc) which are located in Marang District Council area.
  8. How is it paid?
      • General Assessment Tax is paid twice a year as follows:

          • 1st half-year – 1st January to 28th Feb.
          • 2nd half-year – 1st July to 31st August for every year
  9. What happens if you fail to settle the tax within the given period ?
      • According to 171 Act, you can be imposed the following actions:-

          • For arrears less than RM200.00, the fine is RM2.00. For arrears more than RM200.00, the fine is 1%.
          • The notice (E form) will be issued to you. You are required to settle within 15 days from the date of the notice.
          • If still fail, detention warrant will be issued. This warrant enables the Marang District Council to confiscate goods available in the premise or to close the premise from operating or to auction the premise/land through the High Court Registrar according to Section 151. Warrant charge of 10% will also be incurred.